Time travel

I think babies were born looking like little old men so that we could have a tiny glimpse into the future on how our children will look like as octogenarians.

Even then, your love for your child wouldn’t change no matter how wrinkly they are.

But what if you had the chance to travel into time and see your future husband grow old in front of your eyes, would you still be deeply in love with him?

Would you marry your husband if you knew he would be bald in the next 10 years or knowing your wife’s fantastic body may not look like it did before the pounds start piling on?

Check out this video on a couple’s journey through time and see whether their love will withstand the ages.

Life tip of the day:
Aging is a natural process, we can’t stop time or the effects of gravity, but we can build lasting bonds with our loved ones and celebrate every wrinkle as an experience to remember.

“We don’t grow older, we grow riper” – Pablo Picasso


Image source: vj.net.ua – Curious Case of Benjamin Button poster

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