An inquiry to discover the things that matter.

This blog is a curation of life, observing the forms that it takes in the people, places and moments that inspire me. A journey to figure out what makes life meaningful and perhaps along the way, stumble on its purpose.

I hope that through my writing, I can share with others some anecdotes and tips on living a life of intent. One of thoughtfulness and reflection – a life that gives back as much as it receives.

About the author

Abyan Junus is a freelance graphic designer and art director juggling a career at home between her creative projects and her new found passion with meditation.

Born in Malaysia she has spent most of her teenage years growing up in Melbourne before moving on to Japan where she met her dear husband (DH). She is currently based in Jakarta for the next few years and travels between her homes in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

Her love for reading has developed into an interest in designing books, which began with a collaboration of love on her sister’s debut book ‘Even the Most Positive Person in the World Gets Cancer’. She has also started making a book series called ‘Anak Rimba Books‘ which promote conservation awareness and universal values that children can relate to.

This blog is an exploration of her writing and an expression and musings of her heart.




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