Thank You, Next.

Happy New Year! What an amazing year it has been for me. 2018 brought me so many experiences – travelling all over the world, France, UK, Thailand, Hawaii, US, Japan. I could say by now I would easily rival the resume of an air stewardess.

Apart from travelling, I’ve also had some highs and low moments in my life last year. The great ones consist of my spiritual journey, going on my meditation retreats. Whilst the low ones were the health scares of my family members (both sisters with brain tumours and a dad with mild stroke) but thankfully they all recovered splendidly… so the lows turned out to be only blessings for me to learn to trust God  and whatever was in store for me.

As for my biggest realisations, it definitely was in the relationship section. I really realised what it meant to love myself – all parts of me. The light and dark parts of myself. I no longer judge myself anymore. I totally accept myself for who I am.

It has been a year of ups and downs filled with excitement. New relationships, new memories. But also some moments where my life was totally turned upside down. Imagine falling in love with 2 people at the same time! Totally not your usual conventional idea of self-discovery! Having said that it was an unbelievable, life changing, mind blowing, heart exploding experience that I still cherish to this day.

The new year brings new hopes and new energy. But somehow I also feel some sadness in saying goodbye to the energy of 2018. Even though the only difference is that the sun has revolved yet another complete circle – but when time passes, there is a kind of farewell in my mind… a parting of moments. I’m the sort that loves to linger in a hug or keep on chit chatting all night long… that’s kinda been my thing. Unable to easily detach from experiences, people or moments.

I guess with every goodbye there is also a new hello that awaits us. Perhaps we are just meant to live this life in transient gratitude. Every smile may be the last genuine one you would receive, that song could be the last song you hear… Now, now – no time for melancholy I would always remind myself. But in the bittersweet sadness of goodbyes and temporary moments, I realised how important those moments really were and how it will always remain imprinted in my heart forever.

A wise Ariana Grande wrote a song called Thank You, Next… I guess a millennial songstress really did figure life out. It’s not a chart topper for no reason – 3 deep words which are so simple yet so poignant.

So life, what’s next? 2019 – we are gonna have some fun! Can’t wait to meet you each day!

You’re welcome, in advance.


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