My flight arrived this morning in San Francisco on the day of Thanksgiving. Today is a public holiday and everyone is gathered together at home in celebration of this event which is really big in the US.

I’m here to visit my best friend Theresa and staying a few days before flying out to Hawaii. It’s always a reunion when I come back to the US. The Tarpeys are like my soul family here, and today everyone is here, flying in to be together!

Thanksgiving as a holiday is a day of giving thanks. The cotton candy version is that the settlers arrived and together they celebrated the harvest with the pilgrims with gratitude. The not so-happy part was the history of struggle between the two parties that didn’t end up so good. Throw in a bit of politics, death, discrimination and in retrospect it’s not much to celebrate about. The dark underbelly of the cotton candy is still there – there is a need to acknowledge the pain and darkness. It’s so important to learn the whole story and to recognise that this historical pain has also given birth to a celebration that brings many families and loved ones together.

That is what life is about. There will always be duality, two perspectives in life. When there is black, there is white. Where there is dark, there is light… You can choose to collapse this duality when you accept that everything goes back to the same source and realise that ‘duality’ is the lesson we need to learn and overcome before we can truly understand One-ness. Ask yourself, if you really want to understand unconditional love, can you start by loving your enemy? Can you truly love the darkness and transmute it back to light?

It is all about choices. How do you choose to live from now on? For me, I choose to learn from the past, keep moving forward and always, always remember to celebrate life itself – the good and the bad and still being thankful for everything!

I’m so thankful for all the love in my life and even the darkness which were all life lessons that have now become my blessings.

Thank you God for a safe trip today, thank you Theresa for the good company, and thank you Life for the wonderful days ahead!




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