A word of praise

Yes, I admit. It would be nice to hear a word of praise once in awhile.

Ok, let’s be honest now…hearing it everyday wouldn’t hurt either :p

There is something satisfying about being acknowledged for your efforts. It could be a simple thank you for that great meal you slaved over or even a compliment on how pretty you looked today.

Most importantly it’s not WHAT the person says, but WHO says it matters more in my case. The closer you are to me, the more weight your words will carry.

For example, a simple “You look pretty in that dress” said by my DH would make Miss Universe pale by comparison.

So what is it about being praised or hearing compliments which make you feel so good?

And if one does like it, must you settle for the title of a narcissist with an insecurity complex?

Common knowledge is that you should do things without expecting praise or compliments.

If so, then why is the LIKE button the only thing available on Facebook? Why not create a DISLIKE button then to be a fairer judge of things?

Humans love to be complimented, seeing it as a sign of being appreciated. This may seem like a validation to your existence and a signal that the way you live is perhaps going in the right direction.

However, to avoid falling into an approval dependent psyche, make sure you can tell the difference between liking a personal acknowledgement or being a plain praise-addict.

The first one is appreciating being recognized for your efforts whilst the other is a lack of self esteem requiring you to feel better than others.

A true praise is not the 1,000 likes from friends or aquaintances. It is a good solid word from your loved one or even yourself that would make you feel on top of the world.

Life tip of the day: If you’re feeling unappreciated, start by acknowledging yourself for your own efforts. There is a big difference between self-praise and self-encouragement. Once you’re in better spirits, give your loved ones some positive feedback with a compliment or two. Sit back and watch the results. 

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