The Story of Us (Part 2)

A continuation of ‘The Story of Us (Part 1)’

Scene 9:

EXT. OUTDOOR CAFE (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – AFTERNOON

Abyan is sitting at an outdoor cafe in Kuala Lumpur catching up with a friend for coffee. It’s been two weeks since she left Japan, having to return back to Malaysia to process her visa extension. Unsure whether it will be approved, Abyan waits for the results and makes the most of her stay back home.

As she waits for her friend to arrive, she casually checks her email on the phone.

What follows is a series of email correspondence between Abyan and Ken.


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.41.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.07.16 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.41.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.41.57 PM


Scene 10:

INT. BEDROOM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – EVENING

Abyan is at her desk in her bedroom. She turns on the computer and logs in to her skype account. She checks the clock, its 8:30pm. Japan was an hour ahead. She looks at her screen and waits. Right on time, an incoming call from Ken appears on screen. She answers and turns her video on.


ABYAN: Hi Ken! How are you doing?

KEN: Hi Ebi-chan! I’m fine thanks. Just finished work. Tsukareta ne (Kinda Tired).

ABYAN: Otsukaresamadesu (Good job on your work). Is it a busy time at work now?

KEN: Ya. Always… But golden week is coming soon and we get a long holiday. Actuarry I wanted to ask you if I can come and visit Malaysia with my friend Kato-San.

ABYAN: Oh really? You want to come visit? Ok…Uh.. Sure. That would be nice. What dates were you planning for?

KEN: Unfortunately, my friend and I have not decide our puran (plan) today. But we want to go Malaysia and Singapore. Probably May 4th or 5th. I’d like it if we could meet you at Kuala Lumpur.

ABYAN: Ok no problem, just let me know when you’ve booked your tickets.

KEN: Yes, we get big holiday!!! I’m really happy I can go to great Malaysia!

ABYAN: Oh thanks Ken, I hope you’ll like it!

KEN: Hai. Sugoi tanoshimi! (Yes, I’m really looking forward to it). I’ll contact you again once I talk to my friend ne.

ABYAN: Sure. Just email or Skype me. Take care ne.

KEN: Arigato! Ja mata ne. (Thanks! See you later)

-end scene-

Scene 11: 

– Ken starts organising the trip. Meets with his friend.

– Abyan checks her emails.

– Ken writes an email.

– Close-up of a computer screen, tickets are bought, hotels are booked.

– Ken rushes home from work.

– Abyan logs on to skype.

– Close-up of a computer screen,  Abyan and Ken are laughing.

– Plane taking off from airport, soaring up into the sky.

-end scene-

Scene 12: 

EXT. HOTEL LOBBY (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – DAYTIME

Ken finally arrives in Kuala Lumpur with his friend Kato-san. They meet up with Abyan and she takes them sightseeing around the city. She invites them both to her home to have dinner with her family. 

ABYAN: So, I’ll pick you guys up at 6.30, if that’s ok? My home is not too far, so we should arrive around 7 o’clock.

KEN: Wow, thanks so much for inviting us. Are you really sure it is ok to go to your house? I’m bit nervous to meet your famiri (family). Honto ni daijyoubu? (is it really ok?)

ABYAN: Yeah sure! There’s nothing to be nervous about. It’s only dinner.

Ok, but in Japan we don’t usually eat at friend’s house with their famiri. Aah, ore no eigo daijyoubu kana… (I wonder if my English is ok…)

ABYAN: Daijyoubu dayo. (It’s ok.) Your English is fine. Don’t worry!

Abyan, oblivious to Ken’s apprehension over dinner brushes it off as shyness. For Ken though, his nervousness subtly hints to his feelings. This was the first time meeting Abyan’s parents… and in Japan, that’s as good as a proposal.

ABYAN: Oh Ken, by the way, I forgot to tell you my visa has been extended. I get to stay on in Japan until the end of the year! It’s just another 6 months, but I’m really happy that it was approved.

KEN: Oh really?! That is great Ebi-chan! I can meet you again in Japan.

Ken smiles and immediately relaxes.

-end scene- 

Scene 12:

Dinner goes well, the Japanese guests enjoy the local dishes Abyan’s family had prepared. Ken meets Abyan’s mother, sister and brother in-law and talks about his impression of Malaysia and studying English in Japan. At the end of dinner, they thanked their hosts and headed back to the hotel to prepare for the next leg of their journey to Singapore and the Tioman Islands, before heading back home to Japan. Abyan drives Ken and Kato-san back to the hotel.

ABYAN: Hope you both enjoyed dinner tonight.

KEN: Ya, thank you. It was nice to meet your famiri.

KATO: Yes, and the food was delicious too.

ABYAN: Great! Hope you enjoyed KL so far, I’m sure you’ll both enjoy Tioman. It’s beautiful!

KEN: Ya, I’m looking forward to meet more Malaysian people and see the happiness which the Japanese lost. This is one of the reason we decided to go on this trip. Of course we are going to enjoy our island time as well.

ABYAN: Ok Guys, here’s your hotel. Have a safe trip tomorrow ya! And if we have time, let’s meet in Singapore. Will let you know if my trip is confirmed. If not, I guess it’s Japan then!

KEN & KATO: Arigato. Mata ne! (See you again!)

A week later, an email from Japan arrives…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.40.12 PM


Narrator: Will Ken and Aby finally get to see each other in Japan again?

– end scene –

Stay tuned for the final part of ‘The Story of Us’.


© Abyan Junus and, 2018.

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