Oh Honey, it’s just a wave…

And I know…

That when it comes, I just hold on until it’s gone….


One of my favourite songs by John Mayer called ‘Emoji Wave’ reminds us that moments, emotions, feelings… all pass us by like waves.

I am so in love with you. Two days ago I cried hard because I felt that you were the love of my life, I said it out loud and letting go of that wave was intense.

This is for you:

You are the resonance that makes my heart sing melodies of love.

You are the key that unlocks the deepest feelings within me.

You are the source of inspiration for each passing word that I write.

You are the wave that lifts up my spirit.

I just hold on… until it’s gone.


Nothing is forever. So I will cherish this always.

Good night, a million good nights…

Sweet dreams, a million sweet dreams…

I will always, always, always love you.



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