Relax. Embrace. Surrender. Time-out.

I started out really pumped up this morning but suddenly I feel a bit flu-ish, like a cold is about to come on. It always starts with a bit of a chill and a dull ache at the back of my shoulders. Usually in meditation, we call this a shift of energy. Something is happening to you energetically or emotionally and your body is physically reacting to it. On another note, my DH also had a bit of a cold 2 days ago – I’d say he is shifting as well. It sounds ‘Woo woo’ but I do believe you can affect each other energetically. I am also very empathic, and I tend to pick up a lot of energy from around me. A good sweat-out session doing yoga would also be another way for me to get this trapped energy out – but I didn’t have enough energy. And another way would be to just take it easy on myself.

There’s been so much adrenaline and highs in my life lately that I haven’t really given myself the time to rest and settle down. Sometimes I get caught up in the flow and a part of me pushes myself to keep moving forward. There is that extreme nature, the gung-ho part of myself that cheers me on. Keep positive and move forward Aby! You can do it! And yes, I believe I can.

But really… I do need to re-centre myself and give myself that time to R.E.S.T.

In a few hours, I have a radio interview to do before conducting a FREE meditation class tomorrow. Sometimes I don’t know how I would get through it. But having the commitment really helps. Just Fucking Do It (As taught by a really wise Master of mine).

So a quick nap for now. And then I am just gonna chilllll…

It’s not a bad idea to give yourself a time-out. Just sit back and let the Universe do the healing.

Aby – signing out for now 😉



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