Morning magic ✨

Goooood morning world!

How are you today? Have you felt your morning magic!? ✨

Just imagine there’s always morning magic waiting for you. It happens when you open your eyes and take a deeeep breath in filled with gratefulness…

Gratitude that we can see another morning, live another beautiful day and just smile knowing that you are filled with love!

My morning routine is to wake up, think of the people that I love and give them and myself a BIG smile. Then I’ll roll-over, give DH a morning peck (or vice versa) and head to the kitchen to make some breakfast and turn on my favourite Spotify playlist.

Go put that song on, and start feeling the music! Some days it’s chilled, some days it’s full of melodies that just makes you want to dance!

Today I found a treasure waiting for me. A happy song reminding me to be who I am and that I’m loved for just being that.

And for those days where you don’t always wake up feeling great, YOU can change that!

It always starts with good habits and seeing that there is always morning magic waiting for you. Just know that the feelings will always pass and when you get your day started, move your body, get some exercise in, sip a good cup of coffee and it WILL become much better!

So go share that morning magic throughout your day! Send love to that special person and go shine your light to those around you.

You have that magic in you.



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