The beautiful space between separation

Does separation really exist? The duality between a world of relativity. What separates Black and White? Light and Darkness? What is this place called “in between”? A place where you want to exist in both. The world of grey but actually a world of rainbows. Where there is no duality. No separation. Only a world filled with One-ness.

Can you separate energy? Can you separate soul? Can you separate the feeling of love? Everything I am experiencing now in my journey is showing me that there is a space out there, a dimension where there is really no separation.

My world of grey is a world of rainbows. My Black exists with White. I can’t explain this feeling but I know it is possible. Where even the darkest moment, the uncertain moments are meant to be there for us to see how beautiful the Light is. How beautiful Love is. And it all exists in our own inner-world.

My world is grey seen from the outside. But from within, it sparkles with beautiful colours. A rainbow of emotions that doesn’t have to put itself in boxes, that finds home in just being, existing, expanding, feeling…

I hope everyone can see how beautiful the world of Grey is. I wouldn’t chose it otherwise, not a shade darker, not a shade lighter.

Thank you for this experience.

I will keep believing in a world without separation. In the beautiful shades of grey that light up my life.




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