I’d still say Yes

Yes, yes, yes!

Always follow your heart.

You may not be walking the normal path.

You may be living a dark necessity.

You may not know the destination…

But you are pulled to keep moving forward.

If you don’t trust your own inner-voice, who else can you trust?

I TRUST my heart.

I know it can take me through all the dark places.

Through the doubts, the uncertainties of my journey.

My heart is not alone.

Along with pure intent, love and trust.

That’s all I really need.

I’d still say YES, a thousand times over.

I choose to still continue…

With you in my life.


Life tip of the day:
Once you love, you cannot un-love. Once you learn, you cannot un-learn. Once you know, you cannot un-know.  So embrace and honour everything with your whole heart as it only happens once!

“It’s impossible,” said pride.
“It’s risky,” said experience.
“It’s pointless,” said reason.
“Give it a try,” whispered the HEART.”
– unknown



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