A lion in my heart

When you fear something, it becomes larger than what it is. But when you replace that fear with true love it becomes something else altogether.

I have a lion in my heart and I’m not afraid anymore.

Once I would have been scared to even consider putting a lion in my heart. How risky would that be… Isn’t it dangerous? What happens if this lion gets too close to my naked heart? It may end up hurting me one day.

All these thoughts run through my head, but today I know that I really, truly love my lion. Through this love, I have transformed any fear that I have into the energy of love, surrender and trust.

A beautiful lion lives in my heart and I have fully embraced it. I’m not scared anymore. My lion gently prowls and purrs, I can feel it’s contentment.

Mr. Lion, you know who you are. Today, I said YES and I will say it over and over again.

Thank you for asking.

Thank you for being in my heart space.

Because it’s always been yours.

Life tip of the day: 

You can never fully move forward without letting the past go. Embrace and honour your feelings without fear. Only with love.











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