A love undefined

When you love someone or something can it be defined? It could be labelled or classified as a love for your husband, wife, children, family… These are all the names we give the recipients of the love that we have in our heart.

But what happens when your love is undefined? It doesn’t fit into any role, shape or size. It JUST is LOVE. Shapeless, formless, it’s a love that just wants to expand and express itself.

I have so much “undefined love” in my heart. I can’t describe it. I love someone who doesn’t have a specific role in my life. An official, society accepted role. I just love that person (or persons) more than “just a friend” but it’s not just a lover’s love. It’s more than that. It’s uncommon but it exists. The feelings are deep and real.

I also felt this undefined love again today. This time it’s for kids who are not my own. I don’t have children. We have tried for 6 years and still trying. I know that there is a Divine plan to this and a reason for it. I still believe it will happen when the timing is right.

Today, I saw a video about this girl called Maggie Doyne who built her own orphanage at 23 years old. She is so inspirational. (You can watch it below). I’ve always thought about orphans and adoption. Ever since I could remember, every guy I dated I would ask… “If we can’t have kids, would you adopt?”. It was like a prerequisite checklist for my future life partner. There are so many people that want children (like me) and can’t have it as easy as they thought they could. There are also so many children that don’t have parents or have parents who can’t afford to take care of them. I always wondered about this imbalance but there is a lesson and blessing for every experience.

I had a chance to spend a wonderful day with children who weren’t my own during our mushroom walk with MNS. (I recently finished writing my 2nd book and was doing a storytelling activity with one of our NGO partners during a nature walk with kids).

A few times I found myself walking and talking with the children during the nature walk and in some of those moments, I had a few parents ask me, “Oh is this your child?” Each time I would say “No”. I think I was asked nearly 2-3 times. One of the ladies said to me, “Oh I thought it was your child because you are so loving to her!”. It made me realise that even if I don’t have kids, I do feel like a mum. But I also thought to myself, do I have to be a parent to feel this love?

That same day, I also met my new nephew. Coming back home from the nature walk, I was pleasantly surprised with a visit from my brother and his newborn son. Holding a little baby in my arms was wonderful. I didn’t feel like I really wanted a baby so bad but I did realise that I have a lot of love in my heart which I hope to share with a little human being one day. A growing soul that I would be blessed to take care of and watch them learn and experience the world. I would be honoured to just be there to provide that space for them to be who they want to be.

I’ll always have this overflowing love in my heart. An undefined love, whether it is for a child who is not my own, or a lover who I can’t call my lover. These feelings are real and I may be the only one who knows it. But it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Watch this video of this young girl’s undefined, limitless love. Your kids may not be biological but if you have love, then that’s all that really matters. She is an inspiration. I know I’ll have kids one day, and it doesn’t matter where they come from ❤️

Because Yes – LOVE is LOVE! It’s an undefinable feeling…


Life tip of the day:
Just be the loving being that you are without any need to justify it. Express your true heart and let it shine!

“Love is not a noun to be defined, it’s a verb to be acted upon.” – Unknown



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