Finding Beauty

I found this beautiful song. It’s a cover of Craig Armstrong’s ‘Finding Beauty’.

What does finding beauty mean to you? Is it discovering the inner-beauty which you already have inside? Or perhaps its finally seeing the world around you, that you are always surrounded by beauty…

I can find many beautiful things in this life:

  1. A soft, glowing smile that comes from the heart, in memory of a special person.
  2. A leaf twirling on a branch, blown by the gentle wind. Only its stem holding it safe.
  3. A white cat sitting in the sun, purring and gently licking its fur with such satisfaction.
  4. The soft, gentle glow of the morning sun rising to say hello to a beautiful shy beach.
  5. Fluffy clouds sailing gently in the ocean blue sky, expanding and discovering itself.
  6. Raindrops gently trickling down on a misty pane of glass, a deliberate, sensuous flow.
  7. A joyful tear rolling down your cheek, its final resting place, the saltiness on your lips.
  8. The angelic voice of a little child singing to her elders, piercing their worn-out hearts.

What’s your list?

May you only see the beauty that is always around us and within us.




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