The answer is YES

If someone’s soul asked you to marry them. Would you?

When you love someone so much, it goes beyond time, beyond space.

Your body disappears, but your soul lives on and so does that promise.

Today I said “Yes”, when a special soul asked that question.

It’s not something I can do in this life but beyond logic and circumstances, I immediately said yes.

The feeling was so strong, my soul was pulled. I cried so hard, just knowing it was true.

Thank you for asking.

I honour this moment.

I honour us.

Now go live your life to the fullest…

…and know that it will always be filled with love.

I love you.


Life tip of the day:
Honour yourself by honouring the feelings in your heart. 

“Love doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be worthy, earned or rushed. It just simply is. ” – Mary Balogh




Image credit by Rawpixel

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