The journey of an eternal spirit

“Farewell” a single word is said,
laced with tears and prayers.

The soul says goodbye to its body,
and begins a timeless journey.

No choice he had, on the moment of passing,
no bags needed for a journey without planning.

In nothingness he flows, in the silence waiting,
intensely pondering, thinking and feeling.

“Where am I?” he says.
“You are here” he answers.

Only his thoughts accompany him,
heavy with memories and deeds.

His life’s triumphs and mistakes,
lying with him as he awaits.

Slowly, a familiar face appears,
one he hadn’t seen for years.

His mother, then his father,
then a generation before him.

Smiling at him with gentleness,
surrounding him with light.

The soul starts rising,
the voices start speaking.

“Welcome”, a single word is said,
laced with tears and prayers.


Its been a week since my uncle has passed on. I think of him and wonder what awaits us in the after life. May we all be greeted with goodness in our journey to the next world.

Image Source: Ghosh Ujjwal

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