And again. And again. (Repeat)

Writing this blog has made me realized that the one thing I really need in my life is consistency. The sheer discipline and determination to do one thing consistently has been elusive all my life.

I’m not talking about the mundane routine of brushing your teeth or having a shower. That’s a given…you hope!

I’m talking about the routines or consistency that is supposed to develop you as a person, whether it be an inner spiritual training or even an outer physical experience such as your daily exercise.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been a repeated victim of procrastination and excuse for too long.

A typical scenario would begin with me starting up a project or an activity with 100% energy and commitment.

I’d spend hours brainstorming, writing out the ideas and outlining all the next steps to take. The execution of the idea is also not a problem for me. But maintenance…ahh, now that is the challenge!

Two weeks later, you’ll find me distracted with another idea or even worse – making excuses to myself that I don’t have time to spare and then succumbing to yet another wasted hour on Facebook or looking at the latest time sucking video on YouTube.

I mean seriously, do I really need to see a video of a moonwalking cat!

Oh Procrastination, you are such a sweet, sweet drug – one that I am unwillingly (and willingly) addicted to.

This lack of inner strength happens to me with exercise too!

I love doing yoga and really actually enjoy it. I’d wake up at 8am, all hyped up to salute the sun, jump into the poses and repeatedly do it for about…um let’s see, 2 weeks.

Suddenly I would have to travel overseas or with bad luck, come down with a cold that would disrupt my routine and then there goes 2-3 weeks of no yoga followed by an aching shoulder or back and a body that craves for the endorphins each yoga stretch brings.

Unable to hold out much longer, I’ll have to warm up my engines, rev it up to 100% and painstakingly restart my yoga routine AGAIN…until the next distraction comes along.

The misery of having a low attention span and willpower!

Would I have loved to be blessed with the power of consistency. If there is something I badly need, it would be the discipline to tame my capricious heart!

I honestly think NIKE was spot on with its tag line…”JUST DO IT”. But if that is still a little much for you, here’s some advice from a blogger, David Mansaray – “Do something, Do a little, Do”.

Life tip of the day:
Experts say… Small daily improvements lead to exceptional results over time. 
(I wish, I wish, I wish! Good luck to all of us.)

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