I’m living in one of the most traffic congested cities in the world – Jakarta. DH was posted here at the start of the year for an engineering project and so begins our adventures living in the ‘Big Durian’ for the next 3 years. 

If anyone has ever experienced what Jakarta traffic is like, it will either drive you back into your homes, never again to set foot in a car OR increase your patience level to that of a monk! 

Somehow though, I’ve managed to avoid becoming a complete hermit by painstakingly timing my excursions to avoid traffic. 

The best times to go out would be between 10am-3pm, avoiding the lunch hour jam, taking refuge in a close-by mall.

So what happens when you come across a day where you really need something urgently and you’ve missed that crucial 10-3 travel slot? 

Would you be willing to sit through a 1 hour traffic to crawl your way 3kms later for some aspirin or even for the milk that ran out? 

With Jakarta’s traffic, I definitely wouldn’t…but I finally found someone who would – GOJEK!  It’s your personal driver, courier, office boy on a two-wheel motorbike (also known as Ojek in Indonesian).

The GOJEK service is an app which you can download to request a passenger pick-up or even a personal shopper for your groceries. 

No order is too small or mundane for the GOJEK hero. My last supermarket run costed USD5 for the service itself (excluding the shopping)! Find out more at http://www.go-jek.com

Life tip of the day: 
There’s always a solution to a problem, you just have to look hard…online.

Image courtesy of http://www.spiro.ir

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