My mother

Today is Mother’s Day and my mum is far away in another country. 

I’ve sent her flowers and will skype with her later but not having her physically here with me to give her a hug reminds me of how precious each day is to still have my mother here today at 74 years old, healthy and happy.

Eventhough we are not together, my amazing mother’s presence is felt daily on our family whatsapp group, sending us wise words of advice and thoughtful prayers balancing it with her quirky humor and online jokes.

My mother is so versatile for her age, spending minutes typing out a single message, pushing each letter diligently on the phone with one finger and has even taught herself to send attachments! 

I respect her so much for trying to stay connected with her children despite the technological boundaries.

Someone once said “Life doesn’t come with a manual, but a mother”. And I’m blessed to have my mum with me today – a living example for me to become a better person, to adapt with the times, to learn from her mistakes and benefit from her advice.

Thanks mummy. I love you.


Life tip of the day:

One day you won’t hear her voice anymore, so listen well to what she has to say even if it’s not something you may want to hear. 

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