A sense of direction 

Yesterday I got lost twice in a taxi. Correction – the driver was lost and you would assume that being a taxi driver he would know his way around.

At that moment, the thing I needed most was a GPS but the internet didn’t work on my phone or my friend’s either.

So there we were trying to find our way, driving around in loops when finally, we were dropped off to our location. And trust our luck that day, it wasn’t even the right one!

What’s even more frustrating is I have actually passed by the place before!

Somehow I was relying on my photographic memory, and a kind of feeling that it was somewhere around here or there. You’d be surprise how different a landscape looks on foot VS the passenger seat of a car.

Perhaps what I needed most at that time wasn’t the GPS but a basic sense of direction.

Life tip of the day:
Never rely on the GPS. Learn how to read a map and take note of your surrounding when traveling


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  1. I visited Tokyo only with maps and my brain ! And I’ve always found my way 🙂
    That’s the thing : we used to stop using our brains but to be assisted by technology, that’s why our sense of direction is not developed…

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