A very nice husband

The next thing you need in life is a nice dear husband aka DH. Or partner. Or someone you can share the joys and sorrows of your life. The farts and giggles. 

Sometimes you might think to yourselves, REALLY? It’s true, we can’t be nice all the time to each other. In fact, some of us can get down right nasty with our loved ones. 

But the bottom line is, having a loving relationship be it with a partner or family member raises the bar of your personal development to another level. 

When I was single, it used to be all about me but being married I’ve had to learn a lot about sharing half of my life with someone. 

Once in awhile, I have to note to myself that my very nice husband also needs a very nice wife too 😛

Here’s a story of how we met.

Life tip of the day:
Go on give your husband/wife/ loved one a hug. Sometimes you just don’t need a reason. You can also take it up a notch and record a duet on dubsmash.com

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