A good face wash

In this case, I only need 1 good face wash brand. And this one is for my dear husband (DH). 

If you’re a woman, you may even ask, “What about a toner or a even a moisturizer?” Yes ladies, for us just one would not suffice, but I’ll leave that for a separate post. 

My DH needs only 1 good face wash and if HE had the choice, he would choose a cheap brand from the supermarket shelf or even double up the body soap for the face. 

Well DH, since you’re a busy man, I know one product is your limit. And to keep you well preserved for the next twenty years, a single bottle of face wash is definitely an investment for me and for you. Here’s why:

1 Good Facewash = 1 Good looking Husband = 1 Happy Wife = 0 Nagging = 1 Happy Husband. 

Update: My husband is still not convinced with my practical answer, and has requested another one, so I’ve had to refine the mathematical equation below:

0 Good Facewash = 0 Good Looking Husband = 1 Unhappy Wife = 0 Dinner = 1 Hungry Husband

Life tip of the day:
A good face wash lays the foundations to a happier home.

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