7 days underwear + 2 extra

Yes, that is all you need to survive the whole week. And just in case you forget to do your laundry, you got the extra 2 in the closet to save you. And for the ladies, do make sure that some are the stretchy kind we love when Aunt Flo comes to visit us 😉

But aside from underwear, some of us have a closet full of clothes that is spilling out of its seams. You know its time to give your wardrobe a diet, if you take more than 5 minutes to find something that you want to wear under all that mess.

Ask yourself do you really need it? If its torn or you have 10 of the same colour, then honey, that shirt has got to go, go go. 

My DH has a little ritual he does whenever he throws out his clothes. He hugs it, thanks it and says goodbye. Cute or crazy? Well, at least that’s one less work shirt for me to worry about!

Life tip of the day: 
Spring clean and filter. Anything torn goes in the bin. Anything extra…donate or sell it. Try carousell.com

Image courtesy of americanpreppersnetwork.com

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